Take Advantage of our  FREE PROGRAMMING
Not only do we sell these units but we offer you free programming.  By use of computer aided software we are able to match your specific programming needs.  We can setup these units just for hunters.  Pre load the radio with the channels you can communicate on no matter what type of terrain you are hunting in.  After we program your radio we can lock the keyboard for you so you want hit the wrong button by accident.  And supply you with a password if you want to change any of the programming yourself.  Our hunting radios are loaded for bear, featuring GMRS, FRS, MURS, Marine frequencies and more.

128 Channels of Power
Plenty of channels will be available by just turning a selector switch.  Custom ID channel naming will provide you with easy navigation. Transmit farther with 5 watts on VHF and 4 watts on UHF. The average talk range ,handheld to handheld is 6-8 miles. Browse through the site for additional specs, price and features you have always wanted and needed in a hunting radio.  Good Hunting.
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DUAL BAND & EASY TALK Hunting Radios
Looking for the "Best Hunting Radio".  Would you recognize it if you saw one?  Google hunting radios will lead you to FRS/GMRS units that say they will talk 20-40 miles for $69.95.  When you find these radios be sure to read the customer reviews.  To say the least the distance is extremely exaggerated.  More like 2-3 miles with a good wind behind them.  These units had to been tested on the moon where there are no trees or buildings.  Micro watt radios fall short when you need the distance. If you need a dependable hunting 2 way radio that works in your world you will have to look past the ones advertised as such.  Is not a secret where to find a good hunting radio, if you know what to look for.  That's why you are here. Hunting Radios.com has found "THE BEST HUNTING RADIO" you can buy. Loaded with the features you need and want.  Buy today and begin using it right out of the box. Let our technicians program one for you. Packaged with all you need to start talking today.
2 meter transceivers have been around for years.  Ham operators can talk around the world with these units.  I know you don't need to talk to the other side of the world but how about 6-8 miles handheld to handheld.  Or how about 10-15 miles with the same handheld used on a base setup. Ideal for hunting club.  This type of radio has been around for years but until recently mass product from off shore manufactures has made them cheaper than ever. 

Used by Professionals   (money spent well in a hunting 2 way)
These radios are well suited to use as a hunting radio.  Small, powerful and rugged.  Dual Band units that you can switch from UHF bands to VHF bands.  Each with its own advantage to surrounding terrain.  We have sold hundreds of these units as Fire Department units, Park Ranger radios as well as Game Warden units.  Used by professionals that need and want a commercial grade radio at a good price.  I am sure you have seen similar units made by Motorola.  The big news here is now they are affordable and loaded with tons of features. Features you want in a hunting 2 way radio.
Handheld / Mobile / Base